Logic Theme Switcher

A simple app for managing GUI 'themes' for Logic Pro X.

Download Temporarily Suspended

Update in development!!!

The Logic 10.0.7 update has apparently caused some difficulty with this app.
I have temporarily suspended the download link while this is resolved.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

Important Note on the Logic 10.0.5 Update!

The Logic 10.0.5 update requires some special attention (this simple app won't be updated to accomodate this change, but please follow these instructions).
Updating Logic Pro X to 10.0.5 will completely replace the Logic application, and therefore replace the "MAResources.framework" folder inside. You need to run two commands to get everything on track. Assuming you have a standard install you can paste these commands into the Terminal.
Note: As always, I recommend that you start with the theme files/GUI provided by Apple.

A. Remove the Logic Theme Switcher 'backup' folder (the LTS backup of the Logic GUI from your previous version of Logic):

rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/Logic\ Theme\ Switcher/.defaultBackup

B. Reset the Logic Theme Switcher:

defaults write /Applications/Logic\ Theme\ Switcher.app/Contents/Info.plist launchedEver false

This kind of 'version' handling will make it into an official future 'release'.

Video Walkthrough

Please watch the video walkthrough on youtube.


Managing the files inside the Logic Pro X application bundle can be confusing... it doesn't have to be.
You specify a top-level folder where you keep your different dedicated theme files. This application does the rest.

Code Signing

Code Signing of applications... If you are using Mavericks for the time being you need to explicitly grant access to allow this application to run.

After you launch this the first time, under System Preferences and Security you can choose to allow this app.

We'll get the certificate worked out ASAP! It looks like this functionality exists in earlier OS Versions... I don't know that it is on by default like it is in Mavericks

Make A Backup

Logic Theme Switcher makes a backup of the Logic MAResources.framework folder, although you certainly may do so as well. Go ahead and make a safety copy of this folder... somewhere far away from your normal favorite folders

(note for the smaller browser windows... this is two lines of code... the first (mkdir) creates a 'safety' folder called safetyCopy, the second (rsync) copies files to that folder).

mkdir ~/safetyCopy/
					rsync -azE /Applications/Logic\ Pro\ X.app/Contents/Frameworks/MAResources.framework/ ~/safetyCopy/

Get Some Themes

If you're making your own custom theme, that is excellent! If not, you'll need to download some. A popular location is the Gearslutz Logic Pro X forum. One of the form members has gone ahead and set up the Logic X Interface Mods site where many themes are being collected. Look for the Compilation Pack!

Set Up Your Themes

theme folder location

Create a folder in which you will keep your themes. These folders should only contain the necessary files to make the theme work. Nice and lightweight. In this screenshot, I've made the folder at Macintosh HD:Users:logicuser:Logic Pro Themes. Inside that folder are the individual customized themes.

Additionally, for this version of the app the Themes folder, your User folder, and the Logic Pro X application should all be on the same filesystem (a prior version did not have this requirement, and that code will be added back in shortly).

What Is Happening?

Under the hood a hidden copy is made of the default Logic MAResources.framework folder (We'll just call that the 'framework' from now on). This hidden copy is used to "refresh" the framework folder before installing any new theme, and also to restore to the default Logic theme provided by Apple.

The First Time

The first time the app runs you will be prompted to select your themes storage folder.

The app then makes a copy of the Logic framework to the hidden backup folder.

Next it asks you if you Agree to understanding how this works, (and you're happy about your themes folder selection), and you don't want to be bothered about it again. If you click the Continue button you'll get asked these questions again.

Finally you'll be asked to choose your desired theme.

At this point the app is behaving as it does in Normal Operation below.

Normal Operation

  • Choose a theme
  • The app 'resets' the framework folder to the default
  • The app copies the 'modified' files for the chosen theme
  • Finally, it launches Logic Pro X (and the app exits)

Reset It

When the application launches you are also asked if you would like to Reset the original Logic Pro X theme. If you press the reset button the app will:

  • Copy the Logic framework folder to the default
  • Restore this app to it's initial state

If you click the Continue button the app will proceed normally. This also has a short delay before it proceeds automatically.

Finally, there is also the option to Cancel at this stage.

Future Enhancements

  • Migrate application to Xcode
  • create a single unified User Interface